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A Citrix Engineer must deploy a scheduling policy to ____ and ____ devices in order to allow these devices to check in automatically without further intervention by the engineer. (Choose the two correct options to complete the sentence.)

A.    iOS
B.    Android
C.    Windows Phone 8.1
D.    Symbian

Answer: BD

A Citrix Engineer has configured a Netscaler Gateway virtual server that will be accessed externally by users through the Worx Home client. Root certificates are installed on the NetScaler. Users are having issues accessing the Netscaler Gateway remotely. Which two reasons could be causing this issue? (Choose two.)

A.    The certificates uploaded are SHA256.
B.    The NetScaler is missing the correct intermediate certificates.
C.    The certificates are NOT linked.
D.    The NetScaler certificate is NOT uploaded to the XenMobile Server.

Answer: AD

Worx Home is installed on organization-wide Android and iOS devices. Which two tasks must a Citrix Engineer perform to ensure organization-wide devices successfully enroll with XenMobile Device Manager? (Choose two.)

A.    Request an APNS certificate for iOS devices.
B.    Open ports 80 and 443 on the external firewall.
C.    Configure XenMobile Device Manager to push a device inventory policy.
D.    Open outbound connections to APNS through ports 2195 and 2196 for the XenMobile Device Manager.

Answer: AD

What would cause a subset of Android users in the same security group to NOT be provisioned to ShareFile?

A.    Users have NOT logged on to Worx Home.
B.    Users have NOT launched the ShareFile application.
C.    The administrator has NOT provisioned the user from the User Management Tool.
D.    The administrator has NOT enabled the user provisioning setting within the ShareFile settings.

Answer: B

A Citrix Engineer receives an error message while wrapping a public application obtained from the Apple App store. What is a possible cause of the application failing to wrap?

A.    The application is already signed for App Store distribution.
B.    The Apple Developer certificate has expired.
C.    The engineer does NOT have an Apple Developer account.
D.    The engineer does NOT have an Apple Developer Enterprise account.

Answer: A

Which two XenMobile applications could be upgraded by a Citrix Engineer? (Choose two.)

A.    MDX applications
B.    Web and SaaS applications
C.    Public app store applications
D.    Enterprise applications
E.    Web link applications

Answer: AD

A Citrix Engineer needs to publish a custom mobile application for iOS devices from the XenMobile environment. Security requirements for the application are as follows:
– Clipboard must be disabled.
– Application cannot be installed on jailbroken devices.
Which action must the engineer take to meet the security requirements stated in the scenario?

A.    Wrap the .ipa file using the MDX Toolkit for XenMobile and configure the MDX policies.
B.    Upload the .ipa file to the XenMobile Device Manager and create a deployment package to install the application on the user device during device enrollment.
C.    Upload the .ipa file directly to App Controller and require enrollment to the XenMobile Device Manager before users can register with the App Controller.
D.    Publish the application for employees using the Apple App Store and require that users download the application from the Apple App Store instead of the App Controller.

Answer: A

In addition to having NetScaler Gateway in the DMZ, what is the Citrix best practice for providing secure access to hosted virtual desktops and Web/SaaS applications from both inside and outside of an organization’s network?

A.    StoreFront in the DMZ and App Controller in the DMZ
B.    StoreFront in the DMZ and App Controller on the LAN
C.    App Controller in the DMZ and StoreFront on the LAN
D.    StoreFront on the LAN and App Controller on the LAN

Answer: D

A Citrix Engineer is getting ready to deploy a XenMobile pilot environment to several users in the Sales department. The engineer assigned to the project has provided some users with logon instructions and a URL for the NetScaler Gateway. The engineer has configured LDAP for SSO with SAMAccountName. Several users are reporting that they are unable to log on. Which file could the engineer check on the NetScaler to help troubleshoot the issue?

A.    aaad.debug
B.    ns.log
C.    auth.log
D.    newnslog

Answer: A

After being online for a few weeks, users can no longer access the Worx Store. After investigation, a Citrix Engineer believes there is a problem with authentication at the NetScaler Gateway. Which command could the engineer run on the NetScaler to validate if LDAP authentication is failing?

A.    show authentication ldapAction
B.    nsconmsg -d current -g pol_hits
C.    cat aaad.debug
D.    cat nskrb.debug

Answer: C

What are two valid reasons for deploying a XenMobile Server in the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ)? (Choose two.)

A.    A XenMobile Server is a hardened, FIPS-capable Linux appliance.
B.    A XenMobile Server deployed in the DMZ reduces the number of external firewall rules that need to be implemented.
C.    A XenMobile Server deployed in the DMZ reduces the risk of connectivity issues between the NetScaler and the XenMobile Server.
D.    A XenMobile Server deployed in the DMZ can serve as a Secure Ticket Authority (STA) for WorxMail.

Answer: AC

A Citrix Engineer installed XenMobile Mail Manager and needs to ensure that ActiveSync clients are quarantined if they are NOT enrolled in the XenMobile Server. Which Default Rule should the engineer choose in this scenario?

A.    Allow
B.    Block
C.    Unchanged
D.    Quarantine

Answer: C

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