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How can a Citrix Engineer require the installation of WorxMail for all users entitled to the application?

A.    Modify the Delivery Group configuration.
B.    Modify the application MDX policies.
C.    Modify the device exclusions.
D.    Modify the roles to which the application is published.

Answer: A

A Citrix Engineer plans to use XenMobile NetScaler Connector to add ActiveSync filtering to an existing Exchange load-balancing virtual server. The engineer must ensure:
– Enrolled devices that are out of compliance with the configured rule-sets are blocked from accessing resources.
– Devices that have NOT yet been enrolled should remain unimpacted.
Which policy settings should the engineer implement to achieve these requirements?

A.    Static: Permit Mode
B.    Static + XMS: Permit Mode
C.    Static + XMS: Block Mode
D.    Static: Block Mode

Answer: B

Which three NetScaler features must a Citrix Engineer configure in order for XenMobile NetScaler Connector to properly function? (Choose three.)

A.    Content Switching
B.    Integrated Caching
C.    HTTP Callout
D.    Responder
E.    App Flow

Answer: BCD

After publishing an Android MDX application, a Citrix Engineer finds that the application only installs on devices running Android OS 4.3 and above, instead of all Android devices. What is the likely cause of this issue?

A.    The key used on the certificate to wrap the application uses a DSA key algorithm.
B.    The certificate used to wrap the application has expired.
C.    The certificate used to wrap the application uses SHA1 and DSA Signing algorithms.
D.    The key size of the certificate used to wrap the application is 2048 bits.

Answer: D

Which XenMobile option is available for Windows 8.1 Enterprise tablet devices?

A.    XenMobile MDM policy
B.    XenMobile Worx Apps
C.    Remote support
D.    Kiosk mode

Answer: A

After enrollment, Android devices are NOT connecting to the XenMobile Server. What should a Citrix Engineer do to resolve this issue?

A.    Configure firewall rules to allow the XenMobile Server to communicate outbound on ports 2195 and 2196.
B.    Modify MDX authentication timers.
C.    Configure a scheduling policy.
D.    Modify the authentication policy on the NetScaler Gateway.

Answer: C

How could a Citrix Engineer ensure that user devices reflect a change to the Worx PIN security policy?

A.    Log off from Worx Home and log on again.
B.    Update to the latest version of Worx Home.
C.    Refresh the policy in Worx Home.
D.    Launch a Worx Home resource.

Answer: A

A Citrix Engineer needs to push native email profiles and configurations to user devices. Which XenMobile macros could the engineer use to automate email provisioning of native email clients on user devices?

A.    {user.username}
B.    (User.username)
C.    %user.username
D.    #user.username

Answer: A

A Citrix Engineer downloaded the incorrect version of Worx Home on an Android device and is attempting to uninstall Worx Home, but attempts to uninstall have NOT been successful. What should the engineer do to successfully uninstall Worx Home?

A.    Restart the device.
B.    Deactivate Worx Home as an administrator on the device.
C.    Unenroll the device.
D.    Remove all MDX applications from the device.

Answer: C

A Citrix Engineer could configure User Provisioning to ShareFile for use with XenMobile by configuring the ____ or the ____. (Choose the two correct options to complete the sentence.)

A.    SSO section in the ShareFile website
B.    ShareFile section in the XenMobile Console
C.    ShareFile User Management Tool
D.    location of the ShareFile public app store link

Answer: BC

A Citrix Engineer recently enabled Worx PIN authentication on a XenMobile Server. What should the engineer instruct users to do in order to enable Worx PIN on their devices?

A.    Log off from Worx Home and log on again.
B.    Update to the latest version of Worx Home.
C.    Refresh the policy in Worx Home.
D.    Launch a Worx Home resource.

Answer: A

A Citrix Engineer is configuring access to an existing XenDesktop environment. Which three settings should the engineer configure in the XenApp/XenDesktop section of the XenMobile Server? (Choose three.)

A.    The legacy PNAgent site path
B.    The IP address of the XenDesktop Delivery Controller
C.    The XenDesktop site name
D.    The path to Receiver for Web site
E.    The FQDN of the StoreFront Server
F.    The port used to connect to StoreFront

Answer: AEF

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