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A Citrix Engineer integrated a XenMobile Server with StoreFront and now users are unable to enumerate any of their XenApp applications. Which step must the engineer take to resolve this issue?

A.    Re-enter the correct relative path from the StoreFront services site on the XenMobile Server.
B.    Wrap Receiver with the MDX Toolkit and push the client to the device.
C.    Terminate active ICA sessions on the NetScaler.
D.    Add the XenMobile Server to the list of Delivery Controllers on the StoreFront Server.

Answer: A

XenMobile Mail Manager is blocking an ActiveSync device and a local administrator is unsure about the cause of the issue. In which two areas could a Citrix Engineer look to troubleshoot this issue? (Choose two.)

A.    XenMobile Mail Manager Monitor
B.    XenMobile Server Device Details state
C.    NetScaler logs
D.    Windows Event logs
E.    XenMobile Server connectivity check

Answer: AB

A Citrix Engineer in a XenMobile deployment is in the process of implementing ShareFile Enterprise with Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) support using Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS). The Active Directory team has installed and configured ADFS and has provided the engineer with the information needed to configure ShareFile Enterprise and enable SAML Single Sign-On. Which three pieces of information must the engineer configure for SAML in ShareFile Enterprise? (Choose three.)

A.    Login URL
B.    Logout URL
C.    X.509 Certificate
D.    IDP Issuer/ Entity IP
E.    ShareFile Issuer / Entity ID
F.    SP-Initiated SSO Certificate
G.    SP-Initiated Authentication context

Answer: ACE

A Citrix Engineer needs to implement a patch file for an App Controller. The engineer has already downloaded the patch from the Citrix website. What should the engineer do to implement the patch?

A.    Copy the patch to the App Controller file system.
B.    Import the patch from the App Controller Console menu.
C.    Install the patch using the Import function in the Release Management section of the App Controller.
D.    Apply the patch using the Upgrade function in the Release Management section of the App Controller.

Answer: C

Which PowerShell command does a Citrix Engineer need to run in order to recover a StorageZone Controller configuration backup?

A.    Set-SfConfig
B.    Get-SfConfig
C.    Join-SfConfig
D.    Configure-SfConfig

Answer: A

A XenMobile Server has been implemented with Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for security. Management has asked for the XenMobile Server to enumerate XenApp and XenDesktop resources. After the Citrix Engineer has configured the XenMobile Server to communicate with StoreFront, the users still CANNOT see Windows applications and desktops. Which two additional steps must the engineer take to resolve the enumeration failure? (Choose two.)

A.    List the XML Broker as a Secure Ticket Authority (STA) in StoreFront.
B.    Modify the Global Catalog Context in the LDAP profile on the XenMobile Server.
C.    Set up the NetScaler Gateway Logon Type to Certificate and Domain within the XenMobile Server.
D.    Bind an additional authentication policy for LDAP to the NetScaler Gateway virtual server.
E.    Configure the Network Access Control settings in the XenMobile Server.

Answer: CD

A Citrix Engineer needs to unenroll an iOS mobile device previously assigned to a user and then reassign it to a new user with the least amount of device downtime. Which action should the engineer take to ensure that the previous user’s managed applications and data are NOT accessible by the new user?

A.    Full Wipe
B.    Device Revoke
C.    Selective Wipe
D.    Container Lock

Answer: C

A Citrix Engineer implemented a new XenMobile Device Manager deployment. The engineer created iOS and Android policies and added them to their respective base package. After successful enrollment, the mobile device does NOT receive any policy settings. After some research, the engineer notices the information in the attached Exhibit.
Referring to the exhibit, what is the likely cause for the mobile device NOT receiving the base package?

A.    APNS communication ports are blocked.
B.    XenMobile Device Manager licenses are expired.
C.    The device is no longer enrolled with Worx Home.
D.    The base package already exists on the mobile device.

Answer: A

XenMobile was recently implemented in an environment. The Citrix Engineer is instructed to provide the existing XenApp 6.5 published applications to users through Worx Home. Currently, users are accessing their XenApp 6.5 applications through Receiver, NetScaler Gateway, and StoreFront. Which action could the engineer take on the App Controller to allow users to launch XenApp hosted applications through Worx Home?

A.    Add App Controller to the StoreFront store as a Delivery Controller.
B.    Turn on ‘Allow StoreFront to aggregate App Controller apps’ on App Controller.
C.    Configure Windows Apps with the StoreFront store’s Legacy Support site on App Controller.
D.    Create a Web Link on App Controller that redirects users to their existing XenApp 6.5 environment.

Answer: C

A Citrix Engineer needs to create a ShareFile mobile application default security policy that includes the following requirements:
– PIN to access ShareFile content
– Set files to automatically be removed after 30 days
– Allow external applications to open downloaded files outside of the ShareFile application
– Enable offline access to files
The engineer has NOT integrated ShareFile with the App Controller. Which device security mode should the engineer set as the default security setting?

A.    Offline
B.    Secure
C.    Custom
D.    Standard

Answer: C

Which two additional steps must a Citrix Engineer take to complete a XenMobile cluster configuration after adding a secondary node to an existing production cluster? (Choose two.)

A.    Add and bind the load-balancing service to the load-balancing virtual servers.
B.    Add the new node to the XenMobile Server database.
C.    Add the new node as an STA to the NetScaler Gateway configuration.
D.    Add the new node as a Delivery Controller within StoreFront.

Answer: AC

A Citrix Engineer would like to test an updated application before publishing it for production use. After wrapping the application with the latest MDX toolkit and uploading the application to the XenMobile Server with a different name, the engineer observes that the application is displayed as an update to the existing application. What could cause this behavior?

A.    The application was NOT wrapped from the command line using the -upgrade switch.
B.    The wrapped application contains the same App ID.
C.    The application was NOT wrapped with the same debug keystore as the original application.
D.    The application was NOT wrapped with an alternative iOS distribution certificate.

Answer: B

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