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A virtual server named New_Server has been disabled to perform an emergency upgrade; however requests from clients are NOT being redirected to the maintenance page. The redirected URL configuration is:
>set cs vserver Website_main -lbvserver New_Server -backupVserver Backup_Server -redirectURL -soMethod Connection -soThreshold 1000 -soPersistence enabled
Why are requests from clients NOT being redirected to the maintenance page?

A.    The backup virtual server is unavailable.
B.    The spillover persistence has been activated.
C.    It has not been linked to content switching policies.
D.    The backup virtual server takes precedence over the redirect URL.

Answer: D

A network engineer has installed a NetScaler system into their corporate DMZ and would like to provide access to a web server on the internal LAN. The web server will be accessed by external users through the Netscaler. The firewall administrator has opened the relevant ports required on the external and the internal firewall. The engineer notices that the virtual server and services representing the web server are down and the internal web server does NOT appear accessible from the NetScaler. What could be the cause of this?

A.    USIP is not enabled.
B.    Client IP Insertion is not enabled.
C.    A URL rewrite policy is not created.
D.    A SNIP address has not been added.

Answer: D

A network engineer gets an error message when using the configuration utility to import a PKCS#12 certificate that contains a dollar sign ($), a backquote (`), or an escape (\) character password. In order to address this error, the network engineer could prefix it with ____. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A.    an escape character (\)
B.    a backquote character (`)
C.    a dollar sign character ($)
D.    a double quotation character (“)

Answer: A

A network engineer has modified the configuration of a content-switching virtual server, Website_main, because a second content-switching server that is capable of handling more connections has been added to the NetScaler implementation. Both servers will remain in operation. The engineer made the following configuration changes:
>set cs vserver Website_main -lbvserver New_Server -backupVserver Old_Server -redirectURL -soMethod Connection -soThreshold 1000
Why did the engineer enable the spillover option?

A.    To handle incoming connections in case the new server is unavailable
B.    To handle the extra connections using the old server without dropping them
C.    To redirect the extra connections to the Maintenance website when it is needed
D.    To handle incoming connections while the server reaches its limit of connections

Answer: B

A company is using Citrix NetScaler VPX for publishing internal resources using Citrix Access Gateway with Smart Access. Since the number of users has increased the company wants to migrate from Citrix NetScaler VPX to Citrix NetScaler MPX. The engineer is running a parallel installation of the Citrix NetScaler MPX and now needs to transfer the Citrix Access Gateway Universal Licenses from a Citrix NetScaler VPX to a Citrix NetScaler MPX platform. How should the engineer transfer the Citrix Access Gateway Universal License files from the VPX to the MPX?

A.    Backup the /nsconfig directory from the Citrix NetScaler VPX using SCP, restore the /nsconfig directory to the Citrix NetScaler MPX using SCP.
B.    Download the Access Gateway Universal License file(s) from the Citrix NetScaler VPX using SCP.
Upload the Access Gateway Universal License file(s) to the Citrix NetScaler MPX using SCP.
C.    Logon to, return the Citrix Access Gateway Universal License file(s), reallocate the Citrix Access Gateway Universal License file using the hostname of the Citrix NetScaler MPX.
D.    Logon to, return the Citrix Access Gateway Universal License file(s), reallocate the Citrix Access Gateway Universal License file using the MAC Address of the Citrix NetScaler MPX.

Answer: C

A network engineer should use the Advanced tab when configuring load balancing to enable ____. (Choose the correct option to answer the question.)

A.    SSL offloading
B.    Integrated caching
C.    EdgeSight Monitoring
D.    Direct Server Return Mode

Answer: D

A network engineer needs to add an NTP server to a NetScaler appliance. The NTP service is configured on Which command should the network engineer use within the command-line interface to add in an NTP server for time synchronization?

A.    add ntp server
B.    add server NTP
C.    add service NTP TCP 123
D.    add service NTP UDP 123

Answer: A

A network engineer deployed a new NetScaler MPX appliance on the network and all interfaces are connected to the core switch. The network engineer notices the CPU utilization has become very high on the switch since the NetScaler deployment. Which two actions could the engineer perform on the NetScaler to resolve this issue? (Choose two.)

A.    Configure VMAC
B.    Utilize static routing
C.    Configure a channel
D.    Connect a single interface only

Answer: CD

A network engineer has configured a load balancing virtual server for an HTTP application. Due to the application architecture, it is imperative that a user’s session remains on a single server during the session. The session has an idle timeout of 60 minutes. Some devices are getting inconsistent application access while most are working fine. The problematic devices all have tighter security controls in place. Which step should the engineer take to resolve this issue?

A.    Set the cookie timeout to 60 minutes.
B.    Configure a backup persistence of SourceIP.
C.    Change the HTTP parameters to Cookie Version 1.
D.    Utilize SSL offload to enable the application to use SSL.

Answer: B

An engineer configures two NetScaler appliances in a high availability (HA) pair. As part of a monthly health check, the engineer attempts to log on to the second node of the HA pair and is unable to access the management IP Address. The engineer logs on to the first NetScaler node and verifies that HA is working and operational. What does the engineer need to do to resolve this problem?

A.    Create an ACL to allow access to the NSIP of the second node.
B.    Add a SNIP for the Management IP Address of the second node.
C.    Ensure that HA Route Monitors have been configured for the second node.
D.    Change the NSRoot password back to default then log on to the second node.

Answer: A

A public SSL certificate on a virtual server is about to expire and the NetScaler engineer needs to renew the certificate before it expires. Which step must the engineer take to renew the SSL Certificate?

A.    Generate a new CSR
B.    Recreate the Private Keys
C.    Execute CRL Management
D.    Update the existing certificate

Answer: D

An environment network has:
– High bandwidth
– Low packet loss
– High Round-Trip Time (RTT)
Which TCP profile should an engineer configure for the environment described?

A.    Nstcp_default_profile
B.    Nstcp_default_tcp_lfp
C.    Nstcp_default_tcp_lnp
D.    Nstcp_default_tcp_lan

Answer: B

A network engineer is investigating a recent failure of NetScaler high availability and confirms that some recent changes were made to the configuration. What is a likely cause of the failure?

A.    Load balancing virtual server marked DOWN.
B.    SNIP has had management access removed.
C.    RPC node password changed on an appliance.
D.    The network command policy has been modified.

Answer: C

A network engineer adds a secondary node for high availability (HA) purposes. To confirm the implementation is working, the engineer initiates a fail over; however when this is complete, some virtual servers are un-reachable. What is a possible cause of this issue?

A.    SSL has not been enabled as a feature.
B.    The network configuration is mismatched on the nodes.
C.    HA sync does not propagate network settings by default.
D.    The nsroot password has been changed on the new node.

Answer: B

A network engineer needs to provide web server administrators with access to monitoring and reporting after changing the default root password during the initial setup of the NetScaler. The engineer needs to ensure that the administrators can perform this task. What should the engineer do in order to ensure that the administrators are able to log on to the NetScaler?

A.    Create a group.
B.    Create user accounts.
C.    Create an authorization policy.
D.    Create an authentication policy.

Answer: B

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