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An administrator plans to publish 2010 Outlook Web Access through Citrix NetScaler AAA and allow users to authenticate using domain credentials and their RSA tokens. Users must also have the ability to change the password when it has expired. The administrator should configure ____ for user authentication and ____ for RSA token authentication. (Choose the correct set of options to complete the sentence.)


Answer: C

An administrator is setting up two-factor authentication, using Active Directory and RSA SecurID. Which actions could the administrator take to protect the environment from a brute force attack?

A.    Bind Active Directory as Primary authentication priority 100.
Bind RSA SecurID as Primary authentication priority 110.
B.    Bind Active Directory as Primary authentication priority 110.
Bind RSA SecurID as Primary authentication priority 100.
C.    Bind Active Directory as Secondary authentication priority 100.
Bind RSA SecurID as Primary authentication priority 100.
D.    Bind Active Directory as Primary authentication priority 100.
Bind RSA SecurID as Secondary authentication priority 100.

Answer: C

An administrator notices that each time the secondary node of a high availability (HA) pair is restarted, the primary node shifts to a non-working state. The administrator runs a command and collects the information displayed below:
1) Node ID. 0
Node StatE. NOT UP
Master StatE. Secondary
Propagation: ENABLED
Enabled Interfaces : 1/5 1/1 1/2 1/4 0/1
Disabled Interfaces : 1/3
HA MON ON Interfaces : 1/4 1/1 0/1
Interfaces on which heartbeats are not seen : 1/4 1/1 1/2 1/5 0/1
Interfaces causing Partial FailurE. 1/4
SSL Card Status: UP
Hello Interval: 200 msecs
Dead Interval: 3 secs
Node in this Master State for: 0:0:0:35 (days:hrs:min:sec)
2) Node ID. 1
Master StatE. UNKNOWN
Propagation: UNKNOWN
Enabled Interfaces : UNKNOWN
Disabled Interfaces : UNKNOWN
HA MON ON Interfaces : UNKNOWN
SSL Card Status: UNKNOWN
What could be the cause of this issue?

A.    Synchronization is disabled.
B.    The Hello Interval is set too high.
C.    One of the interfaces is disabled.
D.    One of the HA Monitoring interfaces is failing.

Answer: D

Which two methods could an administrator use to ensure that all HTTP traffic will be redirected to the NetScaler Gateway virtual server after configuring a NetScaler Gateway virtual server? (Choose two.)

A.    Configure a URL transformation policy, then bind it globally.
B.    Configure a rewrite policy to change all the HTTP requests, then bind it to the NetScaler Gateway virtual server.
C.    Configure a responder policy based on the FQDN pointing to the NetScaler Gateway virtual server, then bind it globally.
D.    Configure an HTTP virtual server with the same NetScaler Gateway virtual server IP address, then configure a redirect URL on it.

Answer: CD

An administrator is planning to implement NetScaler Gateway. The administrator must ensure that users are able to change their passwords when the passwords have expired. To meet the needs of the scenario, the administrator must ensure that ____ is included in the plan.

A.    LDAP authentication
B.    RADIUS authentication
C.    nested groups (enabled)
D.    the nsroot username added to Active Directory

Answer: A

A company uses various pre-approved user devices in the environment, including mobile devices running iOS and Android operating systems. Which two types of policies could an administrator use on the NetScaler Gateway virtual server to allow access to these mobile devices? (Choose two.)

A.    Rewrite policies, including endpoint analysis scans
B.    Session policies, excluding the endpoint analysis scans
C.    Authorization policies, including the endpoint analysis scans
D.    Pre-authentication policies, excluding the endpoint analysis scans

Answer: BD

An administrator plans to configure a NetScaler Gateway virtual server to be able to provide SmartAccess, endpoint analysis and network layer tunneling features. Which client option should the administrator use for this scenario?

A.    Offline plug-in
B.    Online plug-in
C.    Citrix Receiver
D.    Access Gateway plug-in

Answer: D

An administrator is planning a NetScaler Gateway implementation and must ensure that users are only allowed to access the company resources if a specific file is present on the endpoint device they connect from. Which component should the administrator include within the plan?

A.    An SSL Offload virtual server
B.    A double-hop NetScaler Gateway virtual server
C.    A Basic mode NetScaler Gateway virtual server
D.    A SmartAccess mode NetScaler Gateway virtual server

Answer: D

Which information is required to license a NetScaler VPX 1000?

A.    NSIP
B.    MAC address
C.    NetScaler host name
D.    Citrix License Server host name
Answer: B

An entire shift of workers arrives at the office at 09:00. All two thousand users turn on their thin client terminals and launch the line of business application within a ten minute timeframe. The resultant traffic is so intense that it takes 15-20 minutes until everybody is able to start working. How can the administrator prevent this issue from affecting the user experience?

A.    Implement a NetScaler load balancer to distribute the XML traffic.
B.    Configure a Pre-launch application to be started for users before they arrive.
C.    Upgrade the XenApp farm database server to a cluster with real time replication.
D.    Configure additional zone data collectors to manage the numerous concurrrent logins.

Answer: B

An administrator has configured three Web Interface sites. The sites are configured to fail over to another site if a site failure occurs. After a failure occurs, the failing site is NOT available for connections for one hour. The administrator wants to lessen the amount of time that the failing site is unavailable. What can an administrator do to lessen the amount of time the site is unavailable?

A.    Adjust the ‘socket timeout’ setting
B.    Adjust the ‘bypass any failed server’ setting
C.    Configure the ‘disconnected session timer’ setting
D.    Configure Health Monitoring and Recovery to restart the server upon failure

Answer: B

Three Web Interface sites are configured on different servers in a farm. The administrator wants to ensure that users are always able to access their applications through the Citrix Receiver. How can the administrator configure the Web Interface sites to meet this requirement?

A.    Enable site redirection for the sites.
B.    Configure backup URLs for the sites.
C.    Configure the direct access method for the sites.
D.    Configure the ‘bypass any failed server for’ setting for the sites.

Answer: B

Which two tasks must a Citrix Administrator complete to enable Client Certificate Authentication on the NetScaler Gateway? (Choose two.)

A.    Create a pre-authentication policy.
B.    Create an LDAP authentication policy.
C.    Import the root certificate onto the NetScaler Gateway.
D.    Import all client certificates onto the NetScaler Gateway.
E.    Enable the Client Authentication option on the virtual server.

Answer: CE

Which two default key formats of SSL certificates could be installed by the NetScaler system? (Choose two.)

A.    PFX
B.    P7B
C.    PEM
D.    DER

Answer: CD

What is required to configure a NetScaler Gateway cluster?

A.    Striped IP addresses
B.    Strict option is enabled
C.    Sticky option is enabled
D.    Enterprise or Platinum license

Answer: C

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