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A network engineer has created an SSL offload virtual server. The virtual server shows as a DOWN state. Which two scenarios could cause the virtual server showing as DOWN? (Choose two.)

A.    Persistence is set to NONE.
B.    The protocol should be SSL_TCP.
C.    A responder policy has been bound.
D.    The service is not bound to the virtual server.
E.    No SSL certificate is bound to the virtual server.

Answer: DE

A security test has been completed on an SSL offload implementation and it has been determined that the certificate key length is too short and must be increased. Which two steps must the network engineer complete to resolve this? (Choose two.)

A.    Bind the certificate to an SSL service group.
B.    Bind the certificate to an SSL Offload virtual server.
C.    Add a new SSL policy to the SSL offload virtual server.
D.    Use the “Client certificate wizard” to generate a CSR, request a certificate and import.
E.    Use the “Server certificate wizard” to generate a CSR, request a certificate and import.

Answer: BE

Which two compression actions could a NetScaler engineer use? (Choose two.)

A.    bzip2
B.    deflate
C.    compress
D.    pack200-gzip

Answer: BC

What are two ways in which the NetScaler TCP buffering feature improves application performance? (Choose two.)

A.    Buffers the client request
B.    Buffers the server response
C.    Forwards the response to the client at the speed of the client network
D.    Forwards the request to the server at the speed of the server network

Answer: BC

Which two parameters in the TCP buffering settings can be controlled by a network engineer? (Choose two.)

A.    buffering size
B.    source IP range
C.    destination IP range
D.    memory size for buffering

Answer: AD

Which two response codes and pages can be cached on the NetScaler using Integrated Caching? (Chose two.)

A.    400 Bad request
B.    302 Found pages
C.    401 Unauthorized
D.    404 Not found pages
E.    500 Internal server error

Answer: BD

Company Inc. wants to modify the HTTP Server header so that unauthorized users and malicious code CANNOT use the header to identify the software that the HTTP server uses. Which two actions can the engineer take to meet the needs of the scenario? (Choose two.)

A.    Add an HTTP Server Type on the Client Request.
B.    Mask the HTTP Server Type on the Server Response.
C.    Replace the HTTP Server Type on the Client Request.
D.    Delete the HTTP Server Type on the Server Response.

Answer: BD

An engineer should use the filter (content filtering) feature to prevent ____ and ____. (Choose the two correct options to complete the sentence.)

A.    the use of unauthorized HTTP methods
B.    a client from accessing a specific IP on the back-end
C.    inappropriate HTTP headers from being sent to your Web server
D.    inappropriate MSSQL commands from being sent to your SQL server
E.    a client from a specific VLAN ID to access resources on the NetScaler

Answer: AC

When configuring an advanced HTTP callout based on attributes, what are two valid parameters? (Choose two.)

A.    SSL cipher type
B.    Down state flush
C.    Gateway address
D.    IP address and port
E.    URL stem expression

Answer: DE

A NetScaler engineer generates a techsupport archive to be sent to Technical Support. Which three of the following pieces of information will be included in the archive file? (Choose three.)

A.    Model Number
B.    SSL Private Keys
C.    Old Configuration Files
D.    Hardware Boot sequence
E.    Webpage Customizations
F.    Certificate Revocation List

Answer: ACD

What are two valid ways of checking that a back-end web server is reachable from the NetScaler SNIP address using port 80? (Choose two.)

A.    Run traceroute.
B.    Run telnet using the -srcip option.
C.    Bind a DNS monitor to a service group containing the web server.
D.    Bind a HTTP monitor to a service group containing the web server.
E.    Run the ping command between the NetScaler and the web server.

Answer: BD

An engineer implementing a NetScaler is tasked with creating a new VLAN, named VLAN 2, and added to the current interfaces. A new IP address of with a network mask of must be configured for VLAN 2. Which commands could the engineer use to achieve this configuration in the command-line interface prior to binding VLAN 2?

A.    add ns ip
add vlan 2
B.    set vlan 2 -aliasName VLAN2
add ns ip
C.    add ns ip -vrID 2
D.    add ns ip -type SNIP
set ns ip -vrID 2

Answer: A

A network engineer has configured GSLB for a multisite environment. All GSLB services show as UP with an UP MEP status. The engineer has observed that DNS queries are directed to the SNIP of the NetScaler; however, no DNS response is being received. How can the engineer resolve this issue?

A.    Add an ADNS service on the SNIP.
B.    Change the DNS delegation to the NSIP.
C.    Create a load balancing virtual server for DNS.
D.    Select the “Send all ‘active’ service IPs’ in response (MIR)” option.

Answer: A

GSLB has been configured for use within a multisite environment. The MEP status is reported as down on all GSLB appliances. The appliances have been configured for unsecured MEP exchange. Which port must the network engineer ensure is open between the NetScaler appliances?

A.    TCP 3011
B.    UDP 3011
C.    TCP 3012
D.    UDP 3012

Answer: A

The network engineer is unable to access a specific SSL site through the NetScaler. While reviewing traces on the NetScaler, the network engineer noticed “Handshake” failures from the server. These handshake failures could be the result of the virtual server ____. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A.    only allowing TLS
B.    not allowing SSLv3
C.    not allowing correct ciphers
D.    configured to demand client authentication

Answer: C

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