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A NetScaler Gateway provides ICA Proxy to an internal XenDesktop site in an environment. The security team wants the Citrix Administrator to configure the NetScaler to block client drives if the client device fails a security scan. Which NetScaler feature allows the administrator to satisfy the security team’s requirements without making any changes to the XenDesktop configuration?

A. Traffic Policy
B. SmartAccess
C. SmartControl
D. Authorization Policy

Answer: D

A Citrix Administrator needs to configure a NetScaler Gateway virtual server in order to meet the security requirements of the organization. The administrator needs to configure timeouts for end-user sessions, to be triggered by the following behaviors:
* Inactivity for at least 15 minutes
* No keyboard or mouse activity for at least 15 minutes
Which two timeout settings can the administrator configure to meet the requirements? (Choose two.)

A. Client Idle Time-out set to 15
B. Forced Time-out set to 15
C. Client Idle Time-out set to 900
D. Session Time-out set to 15
E. Session Time-out set to 900
F. Forced Time-out set to 900

Answer: BD

Which NetScaler feature can a Citrix Administrator use to create a custom footer for a NetScaler Gateway login page?

A. Rewrite
B. SmartAccess
C. HTTP Callout
D. Responder

Answer: A

After creating and correctly configuring a custom user monitor, from where do the monitor probes originate by default?

A. Subnet IP address
B. NetScaler IP address
C. Mapped IP address
D. Virtual IP address

Answer: D

A Citrix administrator configured a new NetScater Unified Gateway. The administrator would like to see what Endpoint Analysis and Single Sign-on failures have occurred since implementing the new Gateway. Which tool can the administrator use to see this data?

A. NetScater Dashboard
B. MAS Gateway Insight
C. aaad.debug
D. MAS Security Insight

Answer: A

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