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An engineer needs to configure a monitor to ensure that each server is tested every 10 seconds and requires that the server pass the test four consecutive times before marking a server as UP. If the test fails, the server should be marked as down for 60 seconds. To configure the monitor, the engineer should configure an interval of 10 seconds, down- time of 60 seconds; ____ as 4; and retries as ____. (Choose the correct set of options to complete the sentence.)

A.    failure retries; 1
B.    failure retries; 4
C.    success retries; 1
D.    success retries; 4

Answer: C

A network engineer has created an SSL offload virtual server. The virtual server shows as a DOWN state. Which two scenarios could cause the virtual server showing as DOWN? (Choose two.)

A.    Persistence is set to NONE.
B.    The protocol should be SSL_TCP.
C.    A responder policy has been bound.
D.    The service is not bound to the virtual server.
E.    No SSL certificate is bound to the virtual server.

Answer: DE

A network engineer should use the Advanced tab when configuring load balancing to enable ____. (Choose the correct option to answer the question.)

A.    SSL offloading
B.    Integrated caching
C.    EdgeSight Monitoring
D.    Direct Server Return Mode

Answer: D

A network engineer has created and bound an UDP-ECV monitor to identify the status of a UDP service. However, no matter what the response is, the service is always marked as UP. A possible cause of this behavior is that the network engineer ____. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A.    forgot to add a receive string
B.    added the string ns_true as receive string
C.    added a string that is invalid and thus skipped
D.    added a string that is always part of the UDP handshake

Answer: A

A network engineer wants to collect performance statistics regarding the traffic between different points in the connection, specifically from client-to-NetScaler and from NetScaler to back-end server, and be able to present this to different analysis tools. Which feature on the NetScaler could the engineer use for this?

A.    Syslog
B.    nstrace
C.    AppFlow
D.    nsconmsg

Answer: C

A network engineer has been tasked with identifying the cause of intermittent network connectivity issues. Which command should the engineer use to generate the necessary network information required to diagnose the connectivity issues?

A.    nslog
B.    nstrace
C.    nsumon
D.    nsconmsg

Answer: B

A network engineer is testing a new load balancing virtual server “test” that has the service group “test-grp” bound to it. Which command could the engineer run to show connection details for the new virtual server?

A.    show server
B.    show services
C.    show servicegroups
D.    show connectiontable

Answer: D

An network engineer is asked to perform an export of the captured trace output files as requested by Citrix Tech support. In which directory could the engineer retrieve the captured log files in the NetScaler system?

A.    /var/log
B.    /var/nstrace
C.    /netscaler/log
D.    /nsconfig/trace

Answer: B

A network engineer is trying to read a nstrace from the NetScaler but can only see encrypted traffic. Which file is required to decrypt the network trace?

A.    The server certificate
B.    The servers root certificate
C.    The private key for the server certificate
D.    The private key for the server root certificate

Answer: C

A network engineer has bound four policies to a virtual server as follows:
PolicyA has a priority of 10
PolicyB has a priority of 20
PolicyC has a priority of 30
PolicyD has a priority of 0
Which policy will be evaluated first?

A.    PolicyA
B.    PolicyB
C.    PolicyC
D.    PolicyD

Answer: D

A client is trying to reach a back-end server with an IP address of given the following routing table:
Which route would the NetScaler use for this client?

A.    1
B.    5
C.    6
D.    7

Answer: C

An engineer has a NetScaler system with NSIP with subnet mask The company changed the IP network to use subnet mask Which two commands could the engineer run to modify the subnet mask of the NSIP? (Choose two.)

A.    ifconfig
B.    configns
C.    set ns ip
D.    add ns ip

Answer: BC

Which two virtual server types could have a compression policy bound to them? (Choose two.)

A.    SSL
B.    DNS
C.    HTTP

Answer: AC

Which two response codes and pages can be cached on the NetScaler using Integrated Caching? (Chose two.)

A.    400 Bad request
B.    302 Found pages
C.    401 Unauthorized
D.    404 Not found pages
E.    500 Internal server error

Answer: BD

What are two ways in which the NetScaler TCP buffering feature improves application performance? (Choose two.)

A.    Buffers the client request
B.    Buffers the server response
C.    Forwards the response to the client at the speed of the client network
D.    Forwards the request to the server at the speed of the server network

Answer: BC

A NetScaler engineer has received an SSL certificate and bound it to the vServer. However, users are unable to browse to the website using HTTPS. When the NetScaler engineer browses to the site using HTTPS, the engineer notices that the certificate chain is incomplete. Which two steps should the administrator take to fix the virtual server? (Choose two.)

A.    Generate a new CSR.
B.    Install a new Certificate Authority (CA).
C.    Install the Intermediate Certificate from the CA.
D.    Link the Intermediate Certificate to the virtual server.
E.    Link the SSL Certificate to the Intermediate Certificate.

Answer: CE

The network engineer is investigating issues and suspects that one of the administrators recently changed the NetScaler configuration. Which command could the engineer run to check the logs that will contain such details?

A.    nsconmsg -K newnslog -d stats
B.    nsconmsg -K newnslog -d stats -d current
C.    nsconmsg -K /var/nslog/newnslog -d event
D.    nsconmsg -K /var/nslog/newnslog -d consmsg

Answer: C

A network engineer has enabled BGP routing. Which two additional features should the network engineer enable for BGP routing to function? (Choose two.)

A.    Layer 2 mode
B.    Layer 3 mode
C.    Dynamic routing
D.    MAC based forwarding

Answer: BC

Which two compression actions could a NetScaler engineer use? (Choose two.)

A.    bzip2
B.    deflate
C.    compress
D.    pack200-gzip

Answer: BC

The NetScaler has been connected to two external networks provided by different Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Dynamic routing is not enabled. Traffic is expected to use the first ISP (through the router) if possible and the second, slower ISP (through the router) only if the Primary ISP fails. Which two commands could the network engineer execute to configure the routes? (Choose two.)

A.    add route -cost 10 -monitor arp
B.    add route -cost 5 -monitor PING
C.    add route -cost 15 -msr ENABLED
D.    add route -cost 3 -monitor PING-DEFAULT

Answer: AB

When configuring an advanced HTTP callout based on attributes, what are two valid parameters? (Choose two.)

A.    SSL cipher type
B.    Down state flush
C.    Gateway address
D.    IP address and port
E.    URL stem expression

Answer: DE

A network engineer configured a new NetScaler MPX appliance without any VLANs and with a single interface connected to the network. The engineer has not completed any other configurations. The interface is then accidentally disabled and contact is lost with the appliance. Which two actions can the network engineer take to restore communications to the appliance? (Choose two.)

A.    Connect to the SNIP instead of the NSIP.
B.    Connect another of the unused interfaces.
C.    Use the serial port to connect and then bring the disabled interface online.
D.    Connect a crossover cable to the port that has been disabled and connect to the NSIP.

Answer: BC

A security test has been completed on an SSL offload implementation and it has been determined that the certificate key length is too short and must be increased. Which two steps must the network engineer complete to resolve this? (Choose two.)

A.    Bind the certificate to an SSL service group.
B.    Bind the certificate to an SSL Offload virtual server.
C.    Add a new SSL policy to the SSL offload virtual server.
D.    Use the “Client certificate wizard” to generate a CSR, request a certificate and import.
E.    Use the “Server certificate wizard” to generate a CSR, request a certificate and import.

Answer: BE

Which type of authentication server could an engineer configure in order to provide the use of RSA token authentication as a permitted authentication method to access a AAA Virtual Server?

A.    LDAP
B.    SAML
D.    Negotiate

Answer: C

Company policy states that all passwords should travel the network in encrypted packets except SNMP. Which command should the network engineer execute to comply with this policy?

A.    set ns ip -ssh disabled -telnet disabled -gui enabled
B.    set ns ip -telnet disabled -gui secureonly -ftp disabled
C.    set ns ip -mgmtaccess disabled -restrictaccess enabled
D.    set ns ip -gui secureonly -ssh enabled -restrictaccess enabled

Answer: B

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