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On a NetScaler system, the ____ timeout value will mark any session that has reached the idle timeout for cleanup. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A.    Client
B.    Server
C.    Zombie

Answer: C

A NetScaler Engineer has configured COOKIEINSERT persistence with a timeout value of two minutes on an SSL LBvServer. The idle time requirement for the application itself CANNOT be determined. Users report connections are intermittent. Once a session is disconnected, a user must re-authenticate in order to regain access. In order to correct this issue, the engineer should set persistence to ____ with a timeout of ____ minutes. (Choose the correct set of options to complete the sentence.)

A.    SOURCEIP; two

Answer: D

What does the TCP Buffering feature on the NetScaler accomplish?

A.    It enables the TCP options field syn-cookie.
B.    It optimizes the client and server TCP window size.
C.    It buffers incoming client connections on the NetScaler.
D.    It offloads the server response to the NetScaler before delivering it to the client.

Answer: D

Which setting would a NetScaler Engineer disable in order to stop the NetScaler from acting as a router for non-NetScaler owned IP addresses or entities?

A.    Layer 2 mode
B.    Layer 3 mode
C.    MAC-based forwarding
D.    Use Subnet IP (USNIP)

Answer: C

What is the purpose of binding Certificate Authority (CA) certificates to a virtual server?

A.    For SSL Offload
B.    To validate the server certificate
C.    For client certificate authentication
D.    To provide intermediate certificates to the client

Answer: C

Which option needs to be set on the service in order to maintain the original client-IP to the backend service?

A.    -cka yes
B.    -usip yes
C.    -cip disabled
D.    -useproxyport yes

Answer: B

A NetScaler Engineer is required to use SNMP v3 on a NetScaler instance and needs to use authentication and encryption for all SNMP v3 communication. What are two places where the engineer could set mandatory authentication and encryption? (Choose two.)

A.    SNMP trap properties
B.    SNMP user properties
C.    SNMP group properties
D.    SNMP manager properties

Answer: BC

Users complain that they are NOT able to connect to a web site using the IP address. The relevant portion of the configuration is shown below:
add ssl profile srv-web -sessReuse ENABLED -sessTimeout 120 -tls11 DISABLED -tls12 DISABLED -strictCAChecks YES
add service svc-web HTTP 80
add lb vserver srv-web SSL 443 -persistenceType NONE -cltTimeout 180
bind lb vserver srv-web svc-web
set ssl vserver srv-web -eRSA DISABLED -clientAuth ENABLED -clientCert Optional -tls11 DISABLED -tls12 DISABLED -SNIEnable ENABLED
add ssl policy svc-web -rule true -action NOOP
bind ssl vserver srv-web -certkeyName WebCert -SNICert
bind ssl vserver srv-web -policyName svc-web -priority 100
What is the likely cause of the connectivity issue?

A.    SSL policy is incorrect.
B.    Client Authentication is enabled.
C.    Server Name Indication is enabled.
D.    Load Balancing persistence is set to NONE.

Answer: C

A NetScaler Engineer needs to gather information from a NetScaler VPX before allocating the platform license. Which shell command could the engineer use to gather the needed information?

A.    lmutil lmhostid -user
B.    lmutil lmhostid -ether
C.    lmutil lmhostid -internet
D.    lmutil lmhostid -hostname

Answer: B

A NetScaler Engineer has received complaints from some users stating that their business applications are running slow. The engineer analyzes the application servers and sees the following CPU utilization:
ServerA is utilizing 20% CPU
ServerB is utilizing 20% CPU
ServerC is utilizing 100% CPU
The engineer had set the load-balancing method to round robin but decided to change the load-balancing configuration for the business applications. Which load-balancing method could the engineer use to address this issue?

A.    Custom Load
B.    Least Packets
C.    Least Connections
D.    Least Response time

Answer: A

In a high-availability (HA) configuration, a NetScaler Engineer notices that the HA Synchronization status shows as failed. What could be causing the HA Synchronization to fail?

A.    Port 3003 is being blocked
B.    Port 3009 is being blocked
C.    The RPC passwords are incorrect
D.    The nsroot passwords are incorrect

Answer: C

When using static proximity load-balancing method for a Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) virtual server, there must be a match between the IP addresses in the custom/static database to the IP address of the ____ so that it is associated with a given location. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A.    GSLB service
B.    ADNS service
C.    Load-balancing server
D.    Client local DNS (LDNS)

Answer: A

A NetScaler Engineer must implement load-balancing on a web server farm that serves video clips to end users. Video clip files vary in size. The engineer needs to send traffic to the server with the least amount of network utilization. Which load-balancing method should the engineer use?

A.    Least Request
B.    Least Bandwidth
C.    Least Connection
D.    Least Response Time

Answer: B

Which protocol is responsible for exchanging site metric, network metric, and persistence information between sites using Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB)?

A.    SSH
B.    MEP
C.    RPC

Answer: B

The marketing department would like a short URL to use for a product launch that will redirect users to the product information page on the company’s website. The marketing URL they require is http://www.turboappliances.com/prima. It should redirect the user to http://www.turboappliances.com/products/solutions/primaversion1234.html. Which NetScaler command should a NetScaler Engineer run in order to meet the requirements of the scenario?

A.    add responder action Marketing URL redirect “\”http://www.turboappliances.com/products/solutions/primaversion1234.html\””
B.    add rewrite action Marketing URL4 replace_http_res “\”http://www.turboappliances.com/products/solutions/primaversion1234.html\””
C.    add rewrite action Marketing URL1 insert_http_header Location “\”http://www.turboappliances.com/products/solutions/primaversion1234.html\””
D.    add transform action Marketing URL2 -priority 100 -reqUrl From www.turboappliances.com/ -reqUrl Into “http://www.turboappliances.com/products/solutions/primaversion1234.html”

Answer: A

Which command must an engineer use to run a cluster with less than (n/2+1) number nodes online?

A.    add cluster <node> -quorumType Majority
B.    add cluster instance <name> -quorum None
C.    add cluster instance <clid> -quorumType None
D.    add cluster instance <clid> -quorumType Majority

Answer: C

Which of the listed options is a simple Access Control List (ACL) attribute?

B.    Source IP address
C.    NetScaler interface
D.    Destination IP address

Answer: A

While binding a certificate key pair where the key is a 2048-bit, a NetScaler Engineer receives the following error message:
“Certificate with key size greater than RSA512 or DSA512 bits not supported”
What could be causing this error?

A.    The certificate being used is invalid.
B.    The license file is saved in UTF-8 format.
C.    The NetScaler does NOT have an SSL offloading card.
D.    The NetScaler appliance does NOT have an appropriate license.

Answer: D

A NetScaler Engineer has been given the task of protecting an internal web site by requiring users to enter their credentials. Which feature should the engineer configure?

A.    AAA
B.    SSL Offloading
C.    Content Filtering
D.    Application Firewall

Answer: D

Multiple Subnet IPs (SNIPs) are defined in the same network. A NetScaler Engineer could specify the SNIP to use to communicate with servers on that network by configuring a ____. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A.    net profile
B.    listen policy
C.    traffic domain
D.    policy-based route

Answer: A

A NetScaler Engineer has created a local account for a user according to the below configuration:
add system user NSUser userpassword -timeout 900
add system group “NetScaler users” -timeout 900
add system cmdPolicy netscaler-users ALLOW
“(^man.*)|(^show\\s+(?!system)(?!configstatus)(?!ns ns\\.conf)(?!ns savedconfig)(?!ns runningConfig)(?!gslb runningConfig)(?!audit messages)(?!techsupport).*)|(^stat.*)”
bind system group “NetScaler users” -userName NSUser
bind system group “NetScaler users” -policyName netscaler-users 100
The user is able to log on but is NOT able to execute certain commands. The engineer goes back and looks at the logs, and the following is displayed:
Oct 6 13:34:15 <local0.info> 10/06/2014:13:34:15 GMT ns1 0-PPE-0 : CLI CMD_EXECUTED 4303 0 : User NSUser – Remote_ip – Command “show ns runningConfig” – Status “ERROR: Not authorized to execute this command”
Why is the command NOT working for the user?

A.    cmdPolicy is NOT configured to allow the command
B.    cmdPolicy should be set to DENY, instead of ALLOW
C.    The user should be bound to the cmdPolicy netscaler-users
D.    The priority of the cmdPolicy bound to the group “NetScaler users” should be higher

Answer: A

A NetScaler Engineer is using the following policy to forward traffic when performing content switching:
add cs action cs1_act -targetVserverExpr “HTTP.REQ.HOSTNAME”
add cs policy cs1_switch_policy -rule true -action cs1_act
bind cs vserver CS1-VIP -policyName cs1_switch_policy -priority 10
In order to make sure the policy works correctly, the engineer must name the ____ to match the hostname. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A.    load-balancing servers
B.    load-balancing services
C.    load-balancing virtual servers
D.    content-switching virtual server

Answer: C

What are two benefits of using Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP)? (Choose two.)

A.    Redundancy
B.    Compression
C.    Reduce TCP latency
D.    Increased throughput
E.    Automatic configuration of TCP windows

Answer: AD

A NetScaler Engineer created an HTTP service and did NOT bind any monitors to the service. Which monitor will the NetScaler automatically bind to the HTTP service?

A.    tcp
B.    http
C.    tcp-ecv
D.    http-ecv
E.    tcp-default
F.    ping-default

Answer: E

Which troubleshooting tool will show policy hits and verify that a policy expression is being invoked?

A.    nspepi
B.    nsapimgr
C.    nstrace.sh
D.    nsconmsg

Answer: D

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