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A company with an existing XenApp and XenDesktop environment are planning to utilize Citrix Cloud with existing StoreFront servers to aggregate their applications and desktops. The company also plans to utilize two-factor authentication for greater security. Which hosting platform should the company choose for Store Front with Citrix Cloud?

A.    VM-hosted
B.    on-premises
C.    cloud-hosted
D.    service provider

Answer: B

After generating a new XenDesktop license file from and importing it to the Citrix License Server, which action should a Citrix Administrator take?

A.    Reread the license files.
B.    Restart the Vendor Daemon.
C.    Run udadmin from a command console.
D.    Run lmadmin from a command console.

Answer: A

A Citrix Administrator is creating a new XenDesktop Site using the Site Creation wizard. The administrator does not have the required SQL Server permissions to connect to the site database so the Site creation was halted. Which action should the administrator take to continue with Site creation?

A.    Run an evict script on the SQL Server database.
B.    Ensure that the SQL Browser service is running.
C.    Generate two database scripts for the database administrator.
D.    Enable the sysadmin server role for the administrator’s account.

Answer: C

What are two settings that a Citrix Administrator should configure for remote access to desktops and applications in a XenDesktop Site through NetScaler Gateway? (Choose two.)

A.    Enable Workspace Control in StoreFront.
B.    Provide the STA Fully Qualified Domain Name in NetScaler Gateway.
C.    Configure NetScaler Gateway to use RADIUS and LDAP Authentication.
D.    Provide the NetScaler Gateway Fully Qualified Domain Name in StoreFront.

Answer: BD

In a new XenDesktop site, virtual machines (VMs) will be provisioned using Provisioning Services (PVS). A Citrix Administrator is required to create and add the new machines to a delivery group. What are three of the steps the administrator should take to complete the requirements? (Choose three.)

A.    Run Sysprep.
B.    Mount an ISO.
C.    Create a machine catalog.
D.    Select a machine template.
E.    Prepare a master target device.
F.    Specify the desktop connection type.

Answer: CEF

For the last three days, random users of an Application Delivery Group in a XenDesktop Site have reported that they are denied a connection to applications hosted on the Site’s servers at certain times of the day. After monitoring the servers, a Citrix Administrator found that the servers are at peak load during mid-morning and mid-afternoon. The administrator also found that application prelaunch and application lingering are enabled and the disconnect times are set for two hours for both prelaunch and lingering. The administrator verified that all of the users have Receiver for Windows configured properly. The administrator is required to allow licenses and server resources to be freed and allocated to users who need to use them while not disabling prelaunch or lingering. Which two steps should the administrator take to fulfill the requirement? (Choose two.)

A.    Set the server load thresholds.
B.    Disconnect sessions using Studio.
C.    End application processes using Director.
D.    Use the default disconnection times for unused sessions.

Answer: AD

____ is an information gathering utility that can be used for troubleshooting problems related to print drivers. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

B.    StressPrinters
C.    Print Detective
D.    Citrix Printing Tool

Answer: C

The Controller failed in a XenDesktop Site. A Citrix Administrator was able to quickly bring it back online. Immediately after bringing the Controller back online, another Citrix Administrator noticed that many virtual machines were listed as Unregistered in Director. What is the probable reason the machines were listed as Unregistered?

A.    The virtual machines were shutdown.
B.    The virtual machines were suspended.
C.    Windows Firewall is NOT properly configured.
D.    It can take up to 10 minutes for VDAs to reregister.

Answer: D

In a new XenApp and XenDesktop deployment using NetScaler Gateway for remote user connections and StoreFront for accessing applications, a Citrix Administrator is required to ensure successful user authentication and authorization for access to published applications and desktops. What is one of the actions the administrator should take to ensure the deployment is configured correctly?

A.    Ensure StoreFront verifies requests from NetScaler Gateway.
B.    Configure disconnected sessions to stay open when disconnected.
C.    Configure Store Front to obtain session tickets from two different STAs.
D.    Ensure the STA settings on NetScaler Gateway match STA settings on StoreFront.

Answer: D

Which PowerShell cmdlet will a Citrix Administrator use to show a list of all configured published applications along with associated user names in a XenApp 7.6 environment?

A.    Get-BrokerApplicationInstance
B.    Get-BrokerUser
C.    Get-BrokerApplication
D.    Get-Brokersession

Answer: C

What is contained within a scope in XenDesktop?

A.    Machine Catalogs, Hosting connections and StoreFront servers
B.    Delivery Groups, Machine Catalogs and Hosting connections
C.    Delivery Groups, Machine Catalogs and StoreFront servers
D.    Delivery Groups, Machine Catalogs and applications

Answer: D

A Citrix Administrator is using Citrix Studio to run a Logging Report. Which two configuration changes and administrative activities initiated from Citrix Studio, Citrix Director and PowerShell scripts are logged? (Choose two.)

A.    Registry changes made on the Delivery Controller
B.    Messages sent to users from Citrix Studio or Citrix Director
C.    Host resources and connections
D.    Groups Policy Management Console changes

Answer: BC

A Citrix Administrator configured a Citrix policy using a Group Policy Object (GPO). The GPO will be applied to the VDI organizational unit (OU), which located within the Citrix OU structure and contains only computer objects. The GPO has user settings that the administrator wants to apply to users when they are logging on to machines in the VDI OU. Which policy settings can the administrator configure?

A.    User Group Policy loopback processing mode.
B.    Always wait for the network at computer startup and logon.
C.    No additional setting needs to be configured.
D.    Apply Group Policy for users asynchronously during logon.

Answer: A

Below is a list of Citrix policies created in Citrix Studio that apply to a specific connection.
– (Priority 1) Policy A – Client drive redirection: NOT configured; Client clipboard redirection: Disabled; Menu Animation: NOT configured
– (Priority 2) Policy B – Client drive redirection: Enabled; Client clipboard redirection: Allowed; Menu Animation: Allowed
– (Priority 3) Policy C – Client drive redirection: NOT configured; Client clipboard redirection: NOT configured; Menu Animation: Disabled
What will be the resultant policy set that applies to this connection?

A.    Client drive redirection: Enabled; Client clipboard redirection: Disabled; Menu Animation: Allowed
B.    Client drive redirection: Enabled; Client clipboard redirection: Disabled; Menu Animation: Disabled
C.    Client drive redirection: NOT configured; Client clipboard redirection: Disabled; Menu Animation: Allowed
D.    Client drive redirection: NOT configured; Client clipboard redirection: Disabled; Menu Animation: NOT configured

Answer: C

Which two session management features can potentially increase the number of Citrix licenses in use when enabled? (Choose two.)

A.    Session Pre-launch
B.    Workspace Control
C.    ICA Keep-Alive
D.    Session linger
E.    Session Reliability

Answer: AD

A Citrix Administrator is testing a connection from remote branches using NetScaler Gateway, all of the available resources for the user are displayed. When the user tries to connect to one of the resources, the user receives an error message indicating that the connection failed. What information will the administrator verify to identify the root cause of this issue?

A.    The authentication policy on NetScaler
B.    The version of the Citrix Receiver
C.    The configuration of the Delivery Controllers in StoreFront
D.    The status of the Secure Ticket Authority (STA)

Answer: D

Which component processes the launch file and presents the ticket to NetScaler Gateway in the communication process?

A.    Delivery Controller
B.    Citrix Receiver
C.    Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA)
D.    StoreFront

Answer: A

A Citrix Engineer configured NetScaler Gateway for remote users. A Citrix Administrator now needs to configure StoreFront Beacons accordingly. Which two Beacon addresses can the administrator use as Internal Beacons according to Citrix leading practices? (Choose two.)

A.    A local intranet website
C.    Localhost
D.    Citrix StoreFront FQDN
E.    Citrix NetScaler FQDN

Answer: DE

A Citrix Administrator evaluates the implementation of enhanced security by verifying if the users have certain requirements installed, such as antivirus, before logging on to the system. Which feature of a NetScaler will the administrator evaluate?

A.    Unified Gateway
B.    Endpoint Analysis
C.    Content Filtering
D.    Content Switching

Answer: A

A Citrix Administrator needs to create a single Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) to access a store internally and externally for the current StoreFront server. The internal FQDN is and the external FQDN is Which kind of certificate can the administrator generate to support a wide range of unmanaged devices?

A.    Self-signed server certificate
B.    Public certificate with Subject Alternative Name
C.    Enterprise Root CA signed certificate with Subject Alternative Name
D.    Intermediate certificate

Answer: C

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