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External users need access to hosted desktops and applications. A Citrix Administrator is instructed to configure access to hosted resources through NetScaler Gateway. The administrator should configure ____ settings on the NetScaler Gateway in order to allow users to access the corporate desktop and application store through NetScaler Gateway.

A.    SOAP Service
B.    Citrix XML Service
C.    Citrix Wallet Service
D.    Secure Ticket Authority

Answer: A

Where should a Citrix Administrator implement an Endpoint Analysis expression?

A.    Session profile
B.    Authorization policy
C.    Authentication policy
D.    Preauthentication policy

Answer: D

Which setting is required to complete the configuration of a NetScaler Gateway virtual server?

A.    DNS
B.    Certificate
C.    Authorization
D.    Content Switching

Answer: B

A Citrix Administrator has configured access to a StoreFront store through the NetScaler Gateway:
When users attempt to access resources using the URL of the gateway, a 404 error is displayed. What could be causing the error?

A.    The URL is case-sensitive.
B.    The session policy is missing.
C.    The website needs to use HTTPS protocol.
D.    The IP address is needed instead of FQDN in the URL.

Answer: A

Which command should a Citrix Administrator run at the command-line interface to display the NetScaler certificate days to expiration?

A.    show certFile
B.    show ssl stats
C.    show ssl certKey
D.    show certParams

Answer: C

A Citrix Administrator is configuring MicroVPN with MDX wrapped apps to support StoreFront. Which two settings must the administrator configure in the NetScaler Gateway Global settings under “Configure Domains for Clientless Access”? (Choose two.)

A.    StoreFront URL
B.    XenMobile Gateway URL
C.    App Controller Host name
D.    Secure Ticketing Authority

Answer: AC

Which two pieces of information are needed to create the Authentication Policy for RADIUS? (Choose two.)

A.    Base DN
B.    Secret Key
C.    SSL Certificate
D.    RADIUS User Group name
E.    IP address of the RADIUS server

Answer: BE

A Citrix Administrator is in the process of implementing StoreFront with NetScaler Gateway. Users in the environment will access resources through Citrix Receiver only. What does the administrator need to configure on the NetScaler Gateway to enable access through Citrix Receiver only?

A.    ICA Proxy
B.    A Traffic Policy
C.    Endpoint Scans
D.    An AppFlow Policy

Answer: A

A Citrix Administrator has implemented a remote access solution using NetScaler. The administrator is alerted with information indicating users attempting to access resources through NetScaler are unable to authenticate. How can the administrator identify whether the authentication process is the cause?

A.    Review the system log on the Domain Controller.
B.    Execute the “nsconmsg -d event” command on the NetScaler.
C.    Use the “cat aaad.debug” command on the NetScaler shell.
D.    Use the “vi /var/log/auth_error.log” command to review saved events on the NetScaler shell.

Answer: C

A penetration test has been performed against the NetScaler Gateway Virtual IPs (VIPs) resulting in the SSL RC4-based ciphers being flagged. What should the administrator do to address the vulnerability?

A.    Remove all the SSL ciphers from the virtual server.
B.    Assign Cipher Group ‘ALL’ to the NetScaler virtual server.
C.    Assign Cipher Group ‘HIGH’ to the NetScaler virtual server.
D.    Assign Cipher Group ‘DEFAULT’ to the NetScaler virtual server.

Answer: C

A Citrix Administrator needs to ensure that published applications are available to users through StoreFront. Which monitor type should the administrator use to ensure that services are available?

A.    HTTP

Answer: C

Two Citrix NetScaler appliances are being used in an environment to load balance a high volume web service. These two appliances are nearing their capacity limits. A Citrix Administrator is instructed to add a new appliance to the NetScaler deployment in order to accommodate increasing web traffic. Which type of Citrix NetScaler redundancy configuration should be implemented?

A.    LACP
B.    VRRP
C.    Clustering
D.    High availability

Answer: C

A Citrix Administrator needs to record the usernames of all users who are accessing resources through the NetScaler Gateway. Which two NetScaler tools can accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

A.    SNMP
B.    Syslog
C.    Dashboard
D.    NetScaler Insight Center

Answer: BD

A Citrix Administrator needs to set up a single NetScaler Gateway to provide users with secure access to a corporate environment. Some users only need to access their server OS hosted desktop while others need to set up a VPN connection. What should the administrator configure on the NetScaler Gateway to allow both types of users to connect through a single NetScaler Gateway?

A.    Set the UI Theme to Custom.
B.    Set Clientless Access to Allow.
C.    Enable the Client Choices option.
D.    Set the Clients Configuration option to Custom.

Answer: C

A Citrix Administrator needs to flush the cache for a specific URL. Which step should the administrator take to remove only the required cached data?

A.    Flush cache
B.    Flush content group
C.    Reboot the NetScaler
D.    Flush the specific object

Answer: D

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