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Which service setting would a NetScaler Engineer use in the command-line interface to limit connections to server resources?

A.    -maxReq
B.    -maxClient
C.    -monThreshold
D.    -maxBandwidth

Answer: B

Which statement is true about interface link-state on the NetScaler?

A.    Interface link-state is controlled by ifconfig in BSD.
B.    Interface link-state is dependent on the HAMON setting.
C.    Interface link-state CANNOT be brought down from the NetScaler.
D.    Interface link-state on both appliances is unaffected by the force failover command.

Answer: C

In order to configure integrated cache, a NetScaler Engineer would need to reboot the NetScaler when the integrated caching feature is ____ and cache memory limit is set to ____. (Choose the correct set of options to complete the sentence.)

A.    enabled; zero
B.    disabled; zero
C.    enabled; non-zero
D.    disabled; non-zero

Answer: A

Which two certificate formats are supported when creating a certificate key pair on the NetScaler? (Choose two.)

A.    PEM
B.    DER
C.    PKCS7
D.    PKCS12

Answer: AB

As a result of connecting two NetScaler interfaces in the same L2 broadcast domain/VLAN (unless link aggregation is configured), the NetScaler will ____. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A.    restart
B.    disable one interface
C.    cause a network loop
D.    disable both interfaces

Answer: C

Users in an organization need to access several web applications daily. Management has asked a NetScaler Engineer to reduce the amount of times users have to enter credentials when accessing web applications. What should the engineer configure to meet this requirement?

A.    A load-balancing VServer and an authorization policy
B.    An authentication VServer and an authorization policy
C.    An authentication VServer and an authentication policy
D.    A content switching VServer and an authentication profile

Answer: C

The upgrade script copies the updated NetScaler kernel file to the ____ NetScaler directory. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A.    /var
B.    /flash
C.    /nsconfig
D.    /flash/boot

Answer: B

Which setting must an engineer ensure is configured before a Subnet IP (SNIP) could be used to communicate with servers on the same network segment?

A.    Static route is defined
B.    USIP mode is enabled
C.    USNIP mode is enabled
D.    Default gateway is defined

Answer: C

Which tool could a NetScaler Engineer use to monitor client-side rendering times for a Web application that is load-balanced by NetScaler?

A.    Tcpdump
B.    Insight Center
C.    Command Center
D.    NetScaler Dashboard

Answer: A

What should a NetScaler Engineer configure to create load-balancing virtual servers and services on the same VLAN with overlapping IP addresses?

A.    Listen policies
B.    Traffic domains
C.    Dynamic routing
D.    Policy-based routing

Answer: B

NetScaler is configured with a Subnet IP (SNIP) on VLAN 1 and a SNIP on VLAN 100. VLAN 100 has been properly associated with interface 1/1 and SNIP A user on VLAN 100 is attempting to access a virtual server on and NOT getting a response. After troubleshooting the network, an engineer identifies that asymmetric packet flows are NOT using the right interfaces on the return path to the client. Which NetScaler setting must be enabled to avoid this behavior?

A.    Layer 3 Mode
B.    Layer 2 Mode
C.    Direct Route Advertisement
D.    MAC-based forwarding (MBF)

Answer: D

Which outcome does the minify JavaScript option of the Front End Optimization (FEO) feature provide?

A.    It will replace characters with shorter names.
B.    It will change all uppercase letters to lowercase.
C.    It will remove all comments from the JavaScript.
D.    It will compress JavaScript with the GZIP algorithm.

Answer: C

Which feature could a Network Engineer configure in order to restrict client connections to a specific bandwidth limit?

A.    Spillover
B.    Rate Limiting
C.    SureConnect
D.    Filter Policies

Answer: B

A web server needs to be load-balanced but the content for the web page is retrieved from different server pools. There is a server pool for images, another for text files, and another for documents. Which NetScaler feature would allow a user to retrieve content from all pools through a single IP address by leveraging the ability of NetScaler to forward traffic based on the incoming request?

A.    Load Balancing
B.    Content Filtering
C.    Content Switching
D.    Global Server Load Balancing

Answer: A

Server Name Indication (SNI) is required when ____. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A.    TLS 1.1/1.2 is enabled exclusively
B.    a SAN extension certificate is used
C.    multiple certificates are used on multiple domains on the same VServer
D.    configuring a content switching SSL VServer with a single domain certificate

Answer: C

What should an engineer configure in an environment where two NetScaler appliances are configured in high availability (HA) mode to prevent both nodes from reporting a state of NOT_UP at the same time?

A.    Fail-Safe Mode
B.    Route Monitors
C.    Command Propagation
D.    Configuration Synchronization

Answer: A

When creating a link aggregation channel on the NetScaler, the “-throughput” option sets the ____. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)

A.    max interface speed of the channel
B.    interface threshold for channel failover
C.    interface bandwidth limit for the channel
D.    interface speed of each member of the channel

Answer: B

A NetScaler Engineer is asked to interpret the following configuration:
add audit syslogAction syslog_srv_1 -logLevel ERROR
add audit syslogAction syslog_srv_2 -logLevel WARNING
add audit syslogAction syslog_srv_3 -logLevel CRITICAL
add audit syslogAction syslog_srv_4 -logLevel ALERT
add audit syslogPolicy audit_pol_1 ns_true syslog_srv_1
add audit syslogPolicy audit_pol_2 ns_true syslog_srv_2
add audit syslogPolicy audit_pol_3 ns_true syslog_srv_3
add audit syslogPolicy audit_pol_4 ns_true syslog_srv_4
bind system global audit_pol_1 -priority 100
bind system global audit_pol_2 -priority 100
bind system global audit_pol_3 -priority 100
bind system global audit_pol_4 -priority 100
add audit messageaction log-act1 CRITICAL ‘”Client:”+CLIENT.IP.SRC+” accessed “+HTTP.REQ.URL’ -bypassSafetyCheck YES
add responder policy RP_pol http.REQ.IS_VALID NOOP -logAction log-act1
bind responder global RP_pol 100 END -type REQ_OVERRIDE
Which syslog server will receive log information?

A.    syslog_srv_3
B.    syslog_srv_4
C.    syslog_srv_1
D.    syslog_srv_2

Answer: A

A NetScaler Engineer is working with a NetScaler appliance that has two network interface cards (NICs). The first NIC is placed on the DMZ network and the second NIC is on the internal network. The default route is configured to the gateway on the internal network. A virtual server is configured on the DMZ-network and the firewall on the DMZ is using network address translation (NAT) to allow external traffic to the virtual server. When a user from the Internet attempts to connect to the NAT’d external address, the session never establishes. The engineer performs an nstrace and sees that the user’s traffic hits the NetScaler. The engineer then discovers that the problem is an asymmetrical packet flow. Which two settings could the engineer configure to resolve the issue? (Choose two.)

A.    Link load balancing (LLB)
B.    Policy-based routing (PBR)
C.    Extended access list (ACL)
D.    MAC-based forwarding (MBF)
E.    Reverse network address translation (RNAT)

Answer: BD

A NetScaler Engineer connected a new NetScaler MPX appliance to the network. However, some of the interfaces were blocked on the uplink switch. The engineer needs to perform a network packet trace on the NetScaler appliance. For troubleshooting purposes, the engineer needs to separate trace files for each interface. The engineer executed the following command from the NetScaler CLI:
start nstrace -perNIC ENABLED
However, NetScaler created a single trace file. What should the engineer do to produce separate trace files for each interface?

A.    Specify the nodes parameter.
B.    Use the nsconmsg command.
C.    Specify the tcpdump parameter.
D.    Use the command.

Answer: C

On a load-balancing virtual server with multiple bound services, Redirect URL will be invoked when ____. (Choose the correct phrase to complete the sentence.)

A.    a backup virtual server has been configured
B.    Health Based Spillover has been configured
C.    one of the bound services is marked as DOWN
D.    the load-balancing virtual server is marked as DOWN

Answer: D

Which two encryption algorithms are supported on the NetScaler to store the encrypted SSL private key with a password? (Choose two.)

A.    AES
B.    RC4
C.    DES
D.    DES3

Answer: CD

A website that provides hotel bookings lists each hotel through their membership number on the site URL. For example, the Martello Tower member ID is 6754 and its web presence is at There are 20,000 hotels in the database of the website. The website business owner no longer wants to display the hotel sites for hotel numbers 1-10000, inclusive. A NetScaler Engineer must configure an appropriate responder page to indicate that these sites are unavailable. Which expression will meet the requirements of the business owner?


Answer: A

In which two places could a NetScaler Engineer enable TCP Buffering? (Choose two.)

A.    Service
B.    Globally
C.    HTTP profile
D.    Virtual server

Answer: AB

Which two content types are, by default, compressible content on the NetScaler? (Choose two.)

A.    zip
B.    png
C.    css
D.    jpeg
E.    html

Answer: CE

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