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Which statement accurately describes the purpose of StoreFront beacons?

A.    Determine which servers are up in a highly available StoreFront server group.
B.    Sent to XenApp and XenDesktop Delivery Controllers to determine which resources a user has access to.
C.    Allow StoreFront to automatically update receiver clients when a beacon from an old receiver client is received.
D.    Determine whether a user is connected to a local network or connecting from the Internet so that the appropriate connection details can be passed to Citrix Receiver.

Answer: D

Which two elements are required in order for a Citrix Engineer to create a machine catalog using the XenDesktop Setup Wizard in the Provisioning Services Console? (Choose two.)

A.    vDisk in Private mode
B.    vDisk in Standard mode
C.    Virtual machine template
D.    Client hard drive for write cache
E.    Dedicated organizational unit (OU)

Answer: BC

Which two items are required when creating a machine catalog for Desktop OS machines using Machine Creation Services? (Choose two.)

A.    Bootstrap file
B.    Master image
C.    Target device
D.    Remote access policy
E.    Account naming convention

Answer: BE

What is required to enable session pre-launch and session lingering?

A.    A Server OS Delivery Group
B.    Application Properties for Linger set to ‘Enabled’
C.    ‘Desktops’ as the Delivery Type for the Delivery Group
D.    Machine Creation Services used for image management

Answer: A

What does a Citrix Engineer need to do to encrypt all communications to and from virtual desktops?

A.    Secure XML traffic.
B.    Enable SecureICA.
C.    Implement StoreFront HTTPS.
D.    Configure Secure Ticket Authority (STA).

Answer: B

A Citrix Engineer needs to apply a policy-based configuration to two out of three Delivery Groups and keep the number of policies to a minimum. The desktops are in two separate organizational units (OUs) and the users belong to two separate departments. How can the engineer accomplish these requirements?

A.    Create two policies. Filter based on OU and assign one policy per OU.
B.    Add the configurations for the two Delivery Groups to the Unfiltered policy.
C.    Create two policies. Filter based on Delivery Groups and assign one policy per Delivery Group.
D.    Create one policy. Filter based on Delivery Group and add the second Delivery Group in the same filter.

Answer: D

In a healthcare environment users log on to and log off from sessions which have applications published from XenApp several times throughout the day. Which feature could a Citrix Engineer use to improve the experience for users when they reconnect to applications?

A.    Auto-launch
B.    Session lingering
C.    Connection leasing
D.    Session pre-launch

Answer: B

Users in an environment are NOT logging off gracefully. A Citrix Engineer notices that an executable is still running in the user context. What should the engineer do to ensure graceful logoff from hosted applications?

A.    Disable session lingering.
B.    Disable connection leasing.
C.    Modify LogoffCheckSysModules in the registry.
D.    Modify Citrix Profile Manager folder redirect settings.

Answer: C

Which two steps does a Citrix Engineer need to take to enable shadowing in XenDesktop? (Choose two.)

A.    Enable Windows Remote Assistance.
B.    Run the enable-psremoting command.
C.    Install Windows Remote Management.
D.    Disable Windows User Account Control (UAC).
E.    Ensure communication on port 3389 is allowed.

Answer: AE

Which two statements are true about Remote PC Access? (Choose two.)

A.    Users may only access one desktop at a time using Remote PC Access.
B.    Remote PC Access could only be selected during the initial installation of XenDesktop.
C.    Multiple users could log on to the same desktop using Remote PC Access at the same time.
D.    Each desktop used for Remote PC Access needs to be joined to a domain with a wired connection.
E.    Desktops configured for Remote PC Access could be added to an existing XenDesktop environment.

Answer: DE

A Citrix Engineer created a Delivery Group containing 1000 virtual desktops. The engineer sets the power management settings to ensure that 900 desktops are available during peak times, and only 10 during off-peak hours as fewer users log in. The engineer discovers that even in off-peak hours, 100 or more desktops are available. Which PowerShell cmdlet should the engineer use to set the desired power behavior?

A.    Set-BrokerCatalog
B.    Set-BrokerDesktopGroup
C.    Set-BrokerDesktopPowerAction
D.    Set-BrokerDesktopPowerActionMetaData

Answer: B

How should a Citrix Engineer configure a hosted application so that only a subset of users within an existing Delivery Group are able to access the hosted application?

A.    Configure the ‘Prefer’ keyword.
B.    Configure Limit Visibility to the target users.
C.    Create an HDX policy based on the user group.
D.    Publish the application to only the subset of users.

Answer: B

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