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A company has locations in three cities: New York, San Francisco and Miami. Each location maintains a large number of users who will need to access applications and desktop resources. The company owns sufficient hardware resources to include an operational SQL server in the main New York location. The new XenDesktop infrastructure build needs to operate with the least administrative overhead. Which deployment option should a Citrix Engineer implement to meet this requirement?

A.    A multi-Site infrastructure with each city maintaining its own fully functional Site and including at least one delivery Controller and SQL database in each Site location.
B.    A single XenDesktop Site with three zones (Primary Zone in New York and two Satellite Zones in Miami and San Francisco) and one SQL database maintained in each zone.
C.    A single XenDesktop Site with three zones (Primary Zone in New York and two Satellite Zones in Miami and San Francisco) and a single SQL database maintained in New York.
D.    A single XenDesktop Site with three zones (Primary Zone in New York and two Satellite Zones in Miami and San Francisco) and SQL database with AlwaysOn configured.

Answer: B

Which three methods can a Citrix Engineer use to add target devices to a device collection? (Choose three.)

A.    Manually add the target devices.
B.    Add machines to a machine catalog.
C.    Import them from a .CSV file.
D.    Complete the Auto-Add wizard.
E.    Create the target devices using a master template.

Answer: ACD

A Citrix Engineer is troubleshooting a database-related issue in a XenDesktop Site. The engineer tested the connectivity between the Delivery Controller and SQL server by doing a ping test and verifying the firewall rules. Now the engineer wants to check the number of registered service instances with the directory. Which PowerShell command should the engineer execute?

A.    Get-ConfigServiceInstance
B.    Test-ConfigServiceInstanceAvailability
C.    Register-ConfigServiceInstance
D.    Get-ConfigRegisteredServiceInstance

Answer: D

What are two benefits of creating a centralized vDisk Store? (Choose two.)

A.    Does NOT require vDisk files to be replicated
B.    Minimizes the storage requirement for vDisks
C.    Allows for the use of differencing disks
D.    Provides redundancy without further configuration

Answer: AC

Which three components can a Citrix audit within Provisioning Services? (Choose three.)

A.    Delegated Administrator Groups
B.    Stores
C.    Provisioning Services servers
D.    Target Devices
E.    Provisioning Services database

Answer: BCD

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