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A Citrix Administrator is unable to connect to the XenServer hosts through XenCenter. Server and Desktop OS machines hosted in the XenServer resource pool are functioning as expected. What is the likely cause of this issue?

A.    Pool master failure
B.    HA Heartbeat failure
C.    License Server failure
D.    Storage Area Network failure

Answer: A

Human Resources has published training videos that all employees must watch. Employees are encountering buffering delays and poor video quality when trying to watch the videos. Which tool could a Citrix Administrator use to identify the cause of this issue?

A.    Citrix Studio
B.    HDX Monitor
C.    CDF Control
D.    Task Manager

Answer: B

A Desktop OS machine is unresponsive. The user connected to the machine was in the process of creating a very large presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint. The presentation had NOT been saved prior to the machine becoming unresponsive. What should a Citrix Administrator do to resolve this issue while preventing data loss?

A.    Migrate the Desktop OS machine to a different host.
B.    Restart the Desktop OS machine from Citrix Studio.
C.    Move the target device to another Provisioning Services server.
D.    Use Citrix Director to locate and terminate any rogue processes.

Answer: D

A Citrix Administrator changed a policy setting in Citrix Studio and assigned the policy to the default user group XDWin8Users. The administrator then tested the new setting with User1, who is a member of the XDWin8Users group. After logging on with User1, the administrator finds that the new setting is NOT working. What is the first step the administrator should take to investigate this issue?

A.    Use the Modeling Wizard in Citrix Studio.
B.    Generate a Resultant Set of Policy report on a Domain Controller.
C.    Generate a Resultant Set of Policy report on the Desktop OS machines.
D.    Use the Modeling Wizard in Microsoft Group Policy Management console.

Answer: A

When users log on, their Desktop OS machines launch automatically in full screen. These users have to log out of their Desktop OS machine to access their hosted applications. How could a Citrix Administrator prevent the Desktop OS machines from launching automatically in full screen mode?

A.    Update Citrix Receiver.
B.    Modify the default desktop viewer setting.
C.    Reconfigure the web.config file for the appropriate store.
D.    Configure an auto-launch policy on the Delivery Controller.

Answer: C

Session Prelaunch is configured for all users in an environment. A new user complains about slow logon. A Citrix Administrator finds that Session Prelaunch is NOT working as expected for the new user and is working as expected for all other users. What is the likely cause of this issue?

A.    The user is NOT using the HTML5 Receiver.
B.    The NetScaler Gateway plug-in is NOT installed.
C.    The Citrix Receiver is installed without the /includeSSON switch.
D.    The user certificate is NOT installed on the endpoint client device.

Answer: C

Users complain that all printers mapped from the Citrix Universal Print Server are in an offline state. What could be the likely cause of this issue?

A.    The Universal Print Server policy setting is set to ‘Disabled’.
B.    The Citrix Universal Print Service has stopped running on the Print Server.
C.    The Windows Print Spooler service has stopped running on the Server OS machines.
D.    The Universal Print Server policy setting is set to ‘Enabled with no fallback to Windows native remote printing’.

Answer: B

Which three methods could a Citrix Administrator use to can regain access to the License Server console after losing the password? (Choose three.)

A.    Restart the Citrix License Service.
B.    Reinstall the License Server console.
C.    Delete all *.lic files in the license folder.
D.    Edit the server.xml file on the License Server.
E.    Change the Default Admin User using lmadmin.exe.

Answer: BDE

A Citrix Administrator discovers that a high number of Desktop OS machines are displaying as `Unregistered.’ The administrator successfully logs in to one of the affected Desktop OS machines as a domain user. All of the affected Desktop OS machines are on the same hosting infrastructure. Several Desktop OS machines on the same hosting infrastructure have registered successfully. Users in the environment have NOT reported any issues. Why are the Desktop OS machines displaying as ‘Unregistered’?

A.    The Broker service is NOT running on the Delivery Controllers.
B.    The Citrix License Server is NOT communicating over port 27000.
C.    The Desktop OS machines computer accounts have been deleted from Active Directory.
D.    The difference in the system date and time settings on the Desktop OS machines and the Delivery Controller is greater than 5 minutes.

Answer: D

A Citrix Administrator discovers that a user is unable to connect to a Desktop OS machine. While reviewing Citrix Director, the administrator identifies that the Desktop OS machine is marked as ‘Unregistered’. Which two tools could the administrator use to troubleshoot this issue? (Choose two.)

A.    rsop.msc
B.    telnet.exe
C.    netsh.exe
D.    nbtstat.exe
E.    netstat.exe

Answer: BE

A user needs two Desktop OS machines from the same group open at once. When the user attempts to launch a second Desktop OS machine, the first Desktop OS machine closes and another is launched. What could a Citrix Administrator edit to resolve this issue?

A.    Properties of the Delivery Group
B.    Web.config file on the StoreFront server
C.    Properties of the Desktop OS machine catalog
D.    Virtual Delivery Agent settings on the Desktop OS machines

Answer: A

Which component CANNOT be co-located with Delivery Controller on the same server?

A.    SQL Server
B.    License Server
C.    StoreFront Server
D.    Domain Controller

Answer: D

Users are unable to log on to the Citrix StoreFront store. When users attempt to log in, they are presented with the following error:
‘Cannot complete your request. You can log on and try again, or contact your help desk for assistance.’
Which service on the StoreFront server should a Citrix Administrator ensure is running in order to resolve this issue?

A.    Citrix Licensing
B.    Citrix Configuration
C.    Citrix ICA File Signing
D.    Citrix Credential Wallet

Answer: D

A Citrix Administrator needs to change Provisioning Services from PXE to TFTP. During the migration on a newly created VLAN, the administrator receives this error message:
Boot device not found.
Which two DHCP server options should the administrator set to allow the virtual machines to start up from the vDisk? (Choose two.)

A.    60
B.    66
C.    67
D.    69

Answer: BC

Users of the Human Resource (HR) user group report that one of their applications is NOT being personalized. A Citrix Administrator discovers that the application writes user-specific data in %programfiles%\HR\%username%. Which policy could the administrator configure to enable personalization of this application?

A.    Folders to mirror
B.    Path to user store
C.    Directories to synchronize
D.    Path to cross platform settings store

Answer: C

A Citrix Administrator configures domain pass-through for a Citrix StoreFront store and installs Citrix Receiver on the client devices. However, after the client devices are restarted, the users are prompted for username and password. What could be causing this issue?

A.    StoreFront is NOT using an SSL certificate.
B.    NetScaler Gateway is NOT configured on StoreFront.
C.    Delivery Controllers are configured to trust XML requests.
D.    Citrix Receiver was installed without enabling the /includeSSON parameter.

Answer: D

Only users with Desktop OS machines accessed with pass-through authentication are receiving the following error message when they try to launch hosted applications:
‘Unable to launch as the application is not currently available.’
How could a Citrix Administrator resolve this issue?

A.    Using a Citrix policy
B.    Through a registry setting
C.    Using a PowerShell cmdlet
D.    Through the Delivery Group setting

Answer: C

How could a Citrix Administrator ensure that access to Desktop OS machines and hosted applications through a particular StoreFront store is restricted to users of Chromebooks only?

A.    Hide the store and use a provisioning file.
B.    Configure an Authentication policy on the NetScaler Gateway.
C.    Configure Trusted Domains with as the default domain.
D.    Add the ‘KEYWORDS:Chromebook’ to the Delivery Group in Citrix Studio.

Answer: A

While attempting to add machines to a Session Machine Catalog using Machine Creation Services, a Citrix Administrator receives an error message.
In which Citrix Studio node should the administrator go to resolve this error?

A.    Hosting
B.    Controllers
C.    Configuration
D.    Machine Catalogs

Answer: A

A Citrix Administrator is attempting to troubleshoot a Machine Creation Services related issue and has configured logging for Machine Creation Services. In an effort to resolve the issue, the administrator restarted the Delivery Controller. Now the administrator CANNOT find any data in the Machine Creation Services logs. Why is there NO data in the Machine Creation Services log?

A.    Configuration Logging is disabled.
B.    Information in the Machine Creation Services log is copied to the log archive on restart.
C.    Machine Creation Services logging gets disabled when the Delivery Controller is restarted.
D.    The Machine Creation Services log was overwritten when the service associated with Machine Creation Services was restarted.

Answer: D

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