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A Citrix Administrator needs to update a master image for random/non-persistent desktops based on Machine Creation Services. Which consequence does the administrator need to be aware of when updating the master image?

A.    A full new vDisk will be created.
B.    A new Personal vDisk will be created.
C.    A new full copy from the snapshot will be created.
D.    The differencing disks will be merged.

Answer: C


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Which two statements are valid when using Citrix Profile Streaming? (Choose two.)

A.    Registry entries and files in the pending area are fetched when accessed.
B.    By default, Profile Streaming is disabled.
C.    Profile Streaming will delay the logon process.
D.    The files and folders are fetched on-demand.

Answer: AD


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A Citrix Administrator uses Citrix Universal Print Server to map all printers. The administrator plans to implement TEKLYNX label printers in the warehouse but first needs to test the driver. Which tool should the administrator use to test the driver?

A.    Windows Performance Kit
B.    Citrix UPS Print Driver Certification Tool
C.    StressPrinters
D.    Print Detective

Answer: A

Trainers Suggest Answers: B

A user is currently accessing three published applications from the same Server VDA. The user has informed the Citrix Administrator that an application is NOT responding. Using Citrix Director, which option should the administrator choose to resolve the user’s issue?

A.    Terminate the user’s session.
B.    Send the user a message informing them to log off.
C.    Reset the user’s profile.
D.    Terminate the hung process.

Answer: D

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A Citrix Administrator is preparing printers to be mapped into users’ sessions. Which step can the administrator perform to present the printers to the users?

A.    Create a “session printers” policy to map the printers to the users.
B.    Create a policy and enable “Create client network printer only”.
C.    Install all the printer drivers on the client devices.
D.    Install the printer drivers to all XenDesktop Controller in the environment.

Answer: D

Trainers Suggest Answers: A

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