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Which two components are required to run the Streamed VM Setup Wizard in the Provisioning Services Console to create a Windows 7 virtual machine? (Choose two.)

A.    A vDisk in Standard mode
B.    XenDesktop Controller address
C.    Windows 7 virtual machine template
D.    A resealed Windows 7 master image

Answer: AC

Which setting can be enabled to improve existing users’ logon experience when using Citrix Profile Management?

A.    Enable template profile
B.    Enable active write back
C.    Enable Profile Streaming
D.    Enable delay before deleting cached profiles

Answer: C

A Personal vDisk can be ____ and ____. (Choose the two correct phrases to complete the sentence.)

A.    used with servers and desktops
B.    placed on a different storage than the write cache
C.    used for application installations only and NOT drivers
D.    used with a third-party user profile management solution
E.    used with Provisioning Services to stream to physical and virtual machines

Answer: BD

To which certificate store should a Citrix Engineer import a certificate from the vCenter to the Delivery Controller?

A.    Personal
B.    Trusted People
C.    Enterprise Trust
D.    Trusted Root Certificate Authorities

Answer: B

Which type of XenServer storage repository supports thin provisioning?

A.    NFS
B.    CIFS
C.    Fibre Channel
D.    Software iSCSI

Answer: A

Which Virtual Disk Storage type should a Citrix Engineer configure for shared storage with XenServer when using a Fibre Channel SAN?

B.    Software iSCSI
C.    Hardware HBA
D.    Windows File Sharing (CIFS)

Answer: C

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer needs to make the Receiver for Mac available on StoreFront. The Citrix Receiver files have been copied to the StoreFront server. Which two steps are required to make the Receiver for Mac available to users accessing the StoreFront site? (Choose two.)

A.    Update the file.
B.    Enable ‘always use HTML 5’ in StoreFront.
C.    Set the Web.config upgradeAtLogin=true attribute.
D.    Run the -restart the DSSSubscriptionStoreSubscriptionService PowerShell cmdlet.
E.    Run the UpdateMacOSReceiverLocation.ps1 -ClientLocation “Mac\filename.dmg” PowerShell cmdlet.

Answer: CE

Users at a healthcare organization experience delays when accessing a critical application because they have to log on to StoreFront first and then the application. A Citrix Engineer needs to configure access so that users are automatically presented with the logon prompt for the application so that they are NOT required to log on to the StoreFront site. Which two steps should the engineer take to configure access? (Choose two.)

A.    Configure Legacy Support for the store.
B.    Create a store for unauthenticated users.
C.    Configure the application for anonymous user.
D.    Configure anonymous access for the Default Web Site in IIS.
E.    Set UseLocalUserandPassword=on in default.ica file in the StoreFront site.

Answer: BC

Which three steps should a Citrix Engineer take to keep connections active during brief periods of network interruptions? (Choose three.)

A.    Enable Session Reliability.
B.    Configure multiple StoreFront servers.
C.    Configure NetScaler as a high availability (HA) pair.
D.    Configure multiple Secure Ticket Authority (STA) URLs.
E.    Select the ‘Request Tickets from two STAs, where possible’ checkbox.

Answer: ADE

A Citrix Engineer is configuring email-based discovery for the domain. After creating a DNS service record the engineer would like to test that it has been implemented correctly. Which command should a Citrix Engineer execute to validate a DNS service record after it has been created?

A.    nslookup -type=a
B.    nslookup -type=srv
C.    nslookup -type=mx
D.    nslookup -type=cname

Answer: B

Which two settings could a Citrix Engineer configure on NetScaler Gateway to ensure that connections are utilizing ICA Proxy? (Choose two.)

A.    SSL Bridge
B.    Basic Mode
C.    SSL Offload
D.    Content Switching
E.    SmartAccess Mode

Answer: BE

What is required by NetScaler Gateway when enabling remote access in a XenDesktop deployment?

A.    An LDAP bind account
B.    A connection URL to the hypervisor
C.    A root certificate from the internal CA
D.    The IP address of the RDS License Server

Answer: A

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